Inflatable boat WS-C34


Inflatable boat with catamaran hull. A stable, fast and safe inflatable boat that is packable, light and flexible. Catamaran hull, transom of aluminum, PVC from Valmex® and welded seams for best tightness and durability.

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Rubber boat 3.4m with catamaran hull. The unique design of the inflatable provides a completely open front, the largest interior space on the market and an inflatable that is extremely easy to get in and out of both from land and water. Aluminum transom with integrated self-tapping. The catamaran hull provides stability, early planing and a fun inflatable boat to drive in every conceivable water. This 3.4m inflatable boat with catamaran hull is also a children’s favorite.

The inflatable boat is easily packed in the 2 included bags, the tubes in one and the floor, seat cushion, oars and pump in the other.

  • Length: 3.4m
  • Width: 1.65m
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Transom, aluminum
  • Tube diameter: 50cm
  • Max hk: 15
  • Rec hk: 2.5-10
  • Capacity: 5 pers alt. 515kg
  • Colour PVC: Light grey tubes with light grey hose

Designed in Sweden with thoughtful details such as 2 automatic self-braces in the transom, 5 air chambers, solid rubber strips around the entire boat’s tubes, anti-slip protection and much more.

Read more about the features on our Technical Information page.

Weststream has been supplying the market with rubber boats since 2012. Weststream is committed to design and development. We have chosen to use the absolute best materials on the market as well as the most advanced manufacturing methods. In this way we can offer you the very best inflatable boats on the market.

Development, design and material selection have taken place for some time. This has resulted in two series of Weststream inflatables, WS-C and WS-S. With our long experience of rubber boats with catamaran hulls, our goal is to deliver rubber boats in top quality. Weststream inflatables have what it takes to be at the top in terms of customer satisfaction and performance. We have chosen to work with the absolute best components and production techniques. We use PVC fabric from German Mehler Valmex, we weld our seams for the highest density and durability. We listen to the market and develop accordingly. Feel free to contact us!

Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 340 × 165 cm


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