Model WS-S




Model WS-C


Valmex® PVC from Germany

Mehler manufactures high-quality PVC with its headquarters in Germany and more than 60 years of experience. Flexible, durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV. Mehler Valmex® PVC 0.9mm 1100 decitex is therefore of the highest quality. Durable, lightweight and easy to clean.

Unique transom in aluminum

Aluminium resists moisture, is strong and a lightweight material. The stiffness of our transom allows all the power from the outboard to be generated to the propeller and the water, which in turn gives the boat a better response. In addition, the transom is equipped with 2 automatic rapid drain system that provide a safe boat.

High stability

The catamaran hull provides an incredibly stable inflatable boat. You can easily move safely in the boat and even step on one tube when disembarking or when you are about to switch to another boat. The catamaran hull provides an earlier planing and works perfectly as a dinghy trailer for the sailboat or motorboat because it is so agile. The best catamaran hull inflatable boat on the market.

Easy in and out

The open bow on the WS-C model makes it easy to get in and out, from land and water. The children’s favorite as they can get in and out of the water themselves. The WS-S model has a tapered tube in the bow, which also makes it easy to step in and out. The space in both models is larger than other boats, making them a comfortable choice.

We have been developing inflatable boats since 2012!

Our development has generated a range of inflatable boats with fantastic stability, high performance, low weight and good quality which has made us the market leader. We can proudly provide boaters all over the world with a revolutionary line of inflatable catamarans. Weststream inflatable Dinghies offer safety, stability, quality at the right price, versatility and ease of handling.

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