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Do you have any questions about our inflatable boats? You can find them here in our FAQ!

Why do you have Valmex® PVC in the tubes?2022-02-13T08:53:08+01:00

We did extensive research and testing before choosing Valmex® in our boats. Valmex® is manufactured by Mehler Texnologies in Germany. Mehler has been manufacturing high quality PVC for over 60 years. They manufacture nothing but high quality products. There are many cheaper PVCs, especially those manufactured in Asia that simply do not meet Weststream’s requirements for a rubber boat of the highest quality and what our customers expect. This material is widely recognized as the best weldable PVC´ni in the world. We did extensive research and testing before choosing Valmex® in our boats. Valmex® is manufactured by Mehler Texnologies in Germany. Mehler has been manufacturing high quality PVC for over 60 years. They manufacture nothing but high quality products. There are many cheaper PVCs, especially those manufactured in Asia that simply do not meet Weststream’s requirements for a rubber boat of the highest quality and what our customers expect. This material is widely recognized as the best weldable PVC´ni in the world. “Weststream is quality, that’s why we chose Valmex®”

Where are Weststream inflatable boats manufactured?2022-03-01T14:38:45+01:00

Weststream inflatable boats are developed and designed by us in Sweden, the products are manufactured in Asia with the best materials on the market and carefully selected quality components. We have chosen the German manufacturer of PVC fabric, Valmex® and that we weld the seams in the boat for the absolute best tightness and durability. Weststream is of course CE marked.

What is your delivery time?2022-02-13T08:51:41+01:00
Delivery time is usually 1-3 working days in Sweden and 4-7 working days in the rest of the Nordic region. Shipping will be added.
What is the difference between the WS-C and the WS-S model?2022-02-13T08:49:19+01:00
Both models have the advantages of the catamaran hull such as early planing, stable, fast, etc. Both models have the innovative transom in aluminum. The difference comes to the bow where WS-C has an open liner which means a very easy landing towards rocks, beaches, piers, etc. but also very easy to get out of the water. WS-S has a more traditional tube around the entire boat, however, it is tapered in the bow, which makes it easy to step in and out. Most often, it is the personal choice and even one’s own needs that determine the choice of model.
What is the cost of shipping?2024-03-24T13:41:47+01:00
In Sweden the shipping cost is about 700 SEK and in the Nordics the shipping cost is about 950 SEK.
What if my ordered product is out of stock?2022-02-13T08:50:41+01:00
A product that is sold out is normally delivered within 14 working days. If you have placed an order with an item that is sold out, we will contact you by phone.
What advantages does Weststream catamaran inflatables have compared to traditional V-hulls?2022-02-13T08:51:59+01:00

Less resistance, faster planing, lower weight, less draft, less horsepower required, higher stability.

Were you the ones selling Takacat inflatables before?2022-02-13T08:53:18+01:00

Yes, we were the ones selling Takacat on the European market based in Scandinavia, we started in 2012. We have developed rubber boats with catamaran hulls during these years and since 2020 have chosen to develop further under our own name, Weststream.

Stability VS traditional V-hull?2022-02-13T08:53:38+01:00

Weststream inflatable catamarans have the largest tube diameter on the market, this together with the right width creates a boat that is significantly more stable than any V-hull.

Short or long rig2024-03-24T12:59:02+01:00

Weststream inflatable boats must have a short rig on the engine to get the most out of the boat. If you have too long a rig, there will be too much engine in the water, which will slow down the boat and cause it to splash up water, and it will use more fuel and level off later.

PVC or Hypalon?2022-02-13T08:51:30+01:00

There are some important questions to ask when it comes to the decision to buy a PVC or Hypalon inflatable boat.
The benefits of Hypalon are well explained in the text below. For the commercial and professional customer in extreme conditions and hot climates, we recommend buying Hypalon. You can expect to get +10 to 15 years out of your Hypalon tubes. From a price perspective, PVC is hard to beat. If you use the boat only a few months a year and take care of it, the higher price for Hypalon is difficult to justify. Hypalon (Neoprene) offers the best UV and abrasion resistance (also resistant to chemicals and high temperatures), color stability and air tightness in addition to great flexibility and high adhesion values.
PVC offers a cost-effective advantage with inflatable technology and design. PVC is very simple and cost-effective to repair compared to Hypalon and is a very good choice for the Scandinavian market.

Maintaining my Weststream rubber boat?2024-03-24T13:09:16+01:00
  • Check the pressure in the tubes regularly, the right pressure is important for the properties of the water to be the best. Too low a pressure makes the inflatable boat slow and sluggish in the water
  • Check the pressure relief valves. Never use the pressure relief valves as a sign that you have pumped to the correct pressure, it will wear them out and they will lose their function
  • Never transfer the nylon nuts to the oars, as this may damage the threads.
  • Keep clean between the colander and tube, and rinse with water to remove sand and dirt.
  • Cleaning the boat is most conveniently done with soapy water, a soft brush and cloth, rinse thoroughly
  • Never use high pressure washing as it can damage the fabric.
Is Weststream a safe inflatable boat?2022-02-13T08:53:28+01:00

The unique design of Weststream inflatable inflatables enables a self-draining floor. Weststream can thus not be filled with water, sink or capsize. Self-tapping in the transom.
Our boat models have a total of 5 inflatable bulkheads in each boat, which gives the certainty that should any part of the tube break, there is enough air in those that are left to be able to get ashore. In addition, there are both internal and external handles to hold on to as well as a safety line that runs along the tubes.

Is Weststream a packable and portable inflatable boat?2022-02-13T08:52:22+01:00

Yes, all models and sizes are completely portable and work great for the boat, motorhome, caravan, apartment, etc. They can be easily transported either inflated on a roof rack, a caravan or uninflated in the included 2 bags. They can be stored on boat decks or stowed away for storage.

If I discover a transport damage?2022-02-13T08:49:43+01:00
Weststream is responsible for goods that are damaged or lost during delivery to you. Complaints of transport damage must be made within 3 days. When receiving the shipment, it is therefore important to check that the goods are not damaged during transport. In order for a transport damage to go through, you need to photograph and report any transport damage directly on site to the delivery agent or carrier and then contact Weststream’s customer service. Remember to keep all packaging and product packaging in the event of a transport damage.
How do you handle a possible guarantee?2022-02-13T08:51:04+01:00

If you think you have a warranty claim, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Attach your contact information, invoice number, HIN number (placed on the identification plate on the transom) together with a description and photo of the error.
Once we have received this information, we will develop a suitable solution to solve the possible error, of course it will cause the least possible hassle for you as a customer. Weststream collaborates with several local workshops to resolve any errors that may have occurred.

How do I store my inflatable boat?2024-03-24T13:02:51+01:00
Weststream can be stored inflated or in their bags.
  • When stored inflated for a long time, a cover can be good
  • When storing in a bag, the boat must be clean and dry
  • When the boat is in the lake for a long time, it can get marks on the waterline, which can be washed off with soapy water.
How do I pay for my Weststream?2022-02-13T08:50:52+01:00
When we have received your order, we will send a confirmation followed by an invoice by e-mail. You can choose to pay the invoice through bank or Swish. When the invoice is paid, we immediately send the goods with DHL or FEDEX.
How do I know that I am buying a genuine, top quality Weststream?2024-03-24T13:32:17+01:00
Our products proudly bear Weststream’s emblem and are only sold by selected distributors. Since our quality standards for production and finished boats are high, you can be sure that you have bought a good product. And we keep track of all HINs (hole identification numbers).
Glued or welded seams?2022-02-13T08:48:22+01:00
Experience shows that glued seams are usually the biggest cause of error on an inflatable boat. This usually depends on a combination of which PVC and glue is used. A thermo-welded seam is four times stronger than a glued seam. The seam also becomes stronger than the fabric itself. It becomes a mechanical bond compared to a chemical bond. Remember that the seams on an inflatable boat are under constant pressure and every time a glued seam is exposed to UV, it becomes weaker. Our production is done with the latest technology and we have chosen to use thermo-welded seams.

We have chosen PVC from German Valmex®, which has the best PVC in the world.

Make sure your next inflatable boat has welded seams.

Regardless of the manufacturer, all accessories such as handles, holders, flooring, d-rings etc. are glued

Easy to dismantle and store my inflatable boat.2024-03-24T13:36:28+01:00
Our inflatables are light and packed quickly in the 2 included bags. Great advantage in handling and storage.
Do you stock all Weststream models in Sweden?2022-02-13T08:52:31+01:00

Yes, we stock all models and sizes in Sweden to be able to deliver quickly and easily to you as a customer.

Closed or open transom?2022-02-13T08:52:55+01:00

We have extensively tested both and concluded that for most users, a closed transom is significantly better. Closed transom provides a much stiffer and safer boat. The power from the outboard is not lost due to unnecessary movements in the tubes with a closed transom. Plus a closed transom keeps your feet dry and keeps your things in the boat!

Cavitation / ventilation / sucks air2022-03-01T14:27:31+01:00

Can occur when there is too little water around the propeller.

Can be due to several things.

  • Incorrect pressure in tubes and floor
  • Incorrect weight placement in the boat
  • Conditions on the lake (usually occurs when riding the waves)
  • Incorrect propeller
  • Faulty motor (there are motors that have too short a rig)


  • Remedy by checking the air pressure in the boat
  • Tune / tilt the engine in and out to see where the best angle is
  • You may need to “cuppa” ie bend the blades on the propeller (more water remains around the propeller)
  • Mount a Hydrofoil plate on top of the engine cavitation plate (it allows more water to remain and provides earlier planing)
  • Permatrim Hydrofoil Model M4 for 4-6hp and M5 for 8-20hp engines
Can you tell us about your delivery methods?2024-03-24T13:40:12+01:00
We deliver with DHL or FEDEX to the nearest terminal alt. to your delivery address. All shipments are notified by telephone as soon as the package is available for collection. If you have not entered a correct mobile number when ordering, you will receive a paper notice in the mailbox a few days later.
Can you supply engines?2022-02-13T08:50:19+01:00
We recommend that you buy an engine near your home to make it easier with service etc.
Can I tow a Weststream inflatable boat behind my boat?2022-03-01T14:31:46+01:00

Weststream has a catamaran hull, which means that it is a smaller surface that lies in the water, ie lower water resistance. This makes it very suitable to tow behind the sail or motorboat as it does not “suck” as other hulls do. In addition, it tracks nicely behind and does not wander sideways.

Can I cancel my purchase?2024-03-24T13:39:27+01:00

As a consumer, you always have a fourteen (14) day right of withdrawal according to the Distance and Home Sales Act. If you want to return your item for exchange or repurchase during this time, you must contact customer service and we will send a shipping document. Weststream has no possibility to reimburse the cost of return shipping afterwards. If the product’s quality or packaging has been affected as a result of you as a customer having handled it in a negligent manner, a deduction on the refund corresponding to a reasonable cost will be made.

Assembling my Weststream inflatable Boat?2024-03-24T13:38:39+01:00
Weststream are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble. No hard and complicated floors. It takes about 8-15 minutes (depending on size) to inflate them with the manual pump and about 5-8 minutes with the electric pump.
  • Start pumping the tubes to 0.25bar / 3.6psi (pump up the rear tubes about 75% then front, finish with the rear tubes.
  • Meanwhile, slide in the aluminum seat
  • Mount the oars
  • Add the floor and pump to 0.68bar / 9.8psi
  • Mount ev. engine
  • Check necessary safety equipment, local regulations and weather before launching.
Are Weststream tested and CE marked?2022-02-13T08:51:18+01:00

Yes, all Weststream models are tested and CE marked according to the latest CE standard 2013/53 / EU

Do you have any questions about Weststream inflatables boats?
Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page, contact us by phone or e-mail.
We will respond shortly. Thanks!
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