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Our philosophy

We want you as the owner of a Weststream inflatable boat to be satisfied and appreciate what we do, therefore we must maintain a high level of customer service, high quality and always be at the forefront when it comes to the development of our inflatable boats.

Used by everyone
Weststream inflatables are not only an excellent alternative for leisure use, they are built to withstand tough conditions and to be a inflatable boat with good performance, which makes them a popular choice for professional organizations and expeditions.

The ultimate dinghy
Weststream is quickly packed in the two included bags, which makes it easy to carry, handle and stow away. Our inflatable boats can be easily loaded in the luggage compartment, stored in compartments on the sailboat or motorhome. A stable and light rubber boat that can be used as a tugboat, for fishing, play with the children or for a day trip out on the lake on your trip with the motorhome.

Weststream Inflatables

Weststream AB, started in 2012 by introducing rubber boats with catamaran hulls on the European market based in Scandinavia. We have the market’s best expertise regarding inflatable boats with catamaran hulls and from 2021 we have our own brand.

Development, design and material selection have taken place for some time. This has resulted in two series of Weststream inflatables, WS-C and WS-S. With our long experience of rubber boats with catamaran hulls, our goal is to deliver rubber boats in top quality. Weststream inflatables have what it takes to be at the top in terms of customer satisfaction and performance. We have chosen to work with the absolute best components and production techniques. We use PVC fabric from German Mehler Valmex, we weld our seams for the highest density and durability. We listen to the market and develop accordingly. Welcome!

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