Can occur when there is too little water around the propeller.

Can be due to several things.

  • Incorrect pressure in tubes and floor
  • Incorrect weight placement in the boat
  • Conditions on the lake (usually occurs when riding the waves)
  • Incorrect propeller
  • Faulty motor (there are motors that have too short a rig)


  • Remedy by checking the air pressure in the boat
  • Tune / tilt the engine in and out to see where the best angle is
  • You may need to “cuppa” ie bend the blades on the propeller (more water remains around the propeller)
  • Mount a Hydrofoil plate on top of the engine cavitation plate (it allows more water to remain and provides earlier planing)
  • Permatrim Hydrofoil Model M4 for 4-6hp and M5 for 8-20hp engines