Weststream WS-S, a light, stable and sporty model

Inflatable boat with nice lines, high performance, low weight and fully packable and portable. Large pontoons and catamaran hulls provide outstanding stability and make it a popular dinghy.

  • Tapered tube in the bow, easy to step in and out of
  • Portable, packed quickly in 2 bags
  • From bag to water in minutes
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Low weight (25kg, WS-S26)
  • High stability in the water
  • 2x rapid self-tapping transom
  • Aluminum transom
  • Strong protection under the tubes
  • Valmex® PVC in the tubes
  • Valmex® Diamond anti-slip protection on the floor
  • Welded seams, for best tightness
  • Large diameter of the tubes (48cm)
  • Rec. for 2.5hp to 20hp engines
  • Easy to row

Unique catamaran design

Catamaran hulls have an outstanding stability in the water, plan ahead, take high seas safely. The closed bow has tapered tubes to provide more space inside the boat and provides easier entry and exit. For you who do not want to go the whole step to open for but still have the benefits of the features that a catamaran hull provides.

Our unique transom with 2 x rapid self-tapping

When we designed our transom in aluminum, we took advantage of one of the advantages of the catamaran hull, that the floor is a bit up from the underside of the tube means that we can have a completely open self-drain. We have 2 self-booms to provide a safe boat. All water that may enter flows out quickly, in case of rain, when it is dragged behind another boat, when you bathe from it and get water up with you and when you have to clean the boat, just to rinse it out.

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